Thursday, September 10, 2009

nothing personal

I've seen entertainment program this morning, it's about Sheila Marcia's mom..
She must be happy having mom like her, who always support and giving her love although Sheila has been making big mistakes ..
I hope my mom will act like her mom.. but as far as i know, my mom not always like her.
I am a failure one for my family, I already have some mistakes that makes my mom feel shy to admit me as her daughter..
NO.. i'm not pregnant before married.. I also not having drugs addict..
I just wanna be my self.. that's all
I accept what my family say about me.. I can't give anything to make her proud..
but is that making me as worse as she told everyone ??
I really want my mom like Sheila's mom.. being my guard, being my angel.. proud of me as i am..
Is that the best way to told everyone I am a trouble maker again and again ..?
although it has been happen when i'm young??

I know,, my sist and my bro has giving her the proud one.. good school.. good manner..
and they are not respect me at all ...

If I write like this,, and my sist read.. believe me..
she'll say like this : "you're just looser"